Balqa Electronic Academy

IWDT has ventured with Balqa Applied University, through SAP University Alliances Program (UAP) to integrate SAP practical courses into the curricula of university majors such as business, accounting, and MIS.

IWDT combined information systems knowledge, professional SAP training skills, SAP curricula, and existing university course material to make SAP directly relevant to what is actually taught in the classroom. Students will graduate as true practitioners and are qualified to sit for SAP’s prestigious certification exams. Moreover, undergraduate students gain knowledge and skills that help them secure a job not just in Jordan or the middle east but worldwide. The job market normally seeks graduates from this field to work in both local and multinational companies.

IWDT Built a building of 3800 sqm hosting 20 fully equipped Classrooms and Labs in Balqaa University, to provide a good educational experience for Balqaa students. This is a 10 year program starting from 2014.

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