Intelligence and Public Security

IWDT offers intelligence and public security solutions which can help governmental agencies collect, integrate, analyze, visualize and distribute information to those who need it when they need it. Our solutions deliver flexible intelligence analysis capabilities to quickly identify and assess the levels of threats posed, and to aid the exchange of intelligence between forces and organizations.

Fraud intelligence offerings provide the tools for government and commercial organizations to track and analyze fraudulent interactions, and seize the opportunity to identify, detect and disrupt fraudulent activity.

The solutions IWDT offers for military and national security organizations have been used across the world to process and analyze the vast quantities of information that they collect, to generate actionable intelligence and to share insights that help identify, predict and prevent hostile threats. These offerings have been designed to support every phase of intelligence operations. The capabilities of our partner solutions include:

  • Unstructured data extraction and analysis
  • Flexible information storage
  • Federated data access and retrieval
  • Web-enabled data visualization
  • Integrated Social Network Analysis functionality
  • Geospatial analysis and mapping tools
  • Exploitation of ISTAR sensor data
  • All-Source Data Analysis Capabilities
  • Forensic Communications Analysis

In order to maintain public safety agencies collect tremendous amounts of data, but without the ability to hold, analyze and disseminate that information they are unable to maximize its value in reducing crime. IWDT provider's solutions help law enforcers to turn huge volumes of crime data into actionable insights by delivering tools for tactical lead generation, intelligence analysis, crime analysis and predictive analysis. This gives them the power to solve and prevent crimes effectively.

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