Investment World for Development and Technology (IWDT) was Established in 2007, as an investment company, which quickly evolved into a trusted solutions provider; and it is recognized for its tailored services and multi-services offering, Whether it is higher education, banking, data and network security, enterprise resource planning, intelligence and national security, or vocational training, we fulfill your every need.

IWDT has established partnerships with the world’s leading solutions providers and strategic relationships with IBM, SAP UAP, MYSIS, SunGard, and Academie de Paris.

IWDT has managed and completed multifaceted projects in many industries, In the area of higher education, IWDT implements cloud infrastructure, develops new programs and curricula, and adapts leading technologies into existing university syllabuses, where In the area of vocational training, IWDT designs and executes vocational training programs equivalent to those offered in developed nations.

In the area of banking, IWDT provided solutions for Treasury, Payment Management and Business Intelligence.

In the area of intelligence and public security, IWDT provided solutions in intelligence operations.

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