ECM for Banks and Government

IWDT partners with IBM to offer Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that deliver content in context to fully harness its potential. These industry-specific solutions can capture, activate, share, analyze and govern unstructured data to lower costs and risk while improving efficiency. These series of products are to serve a broad client base from banks to governmental institutes. ECM capabilities include document imaging and capture, advanced case management, social content management, and content analytics.

With a fully integrated enterprise content management platform, banks and financial institutions can accelerate content and case based business processes while reducing costs associated with risk management and regulatory compliance mandates. ECM solutions empower financial services organizations to:

  • Streamline information sharing and information access across all business lines.
  • Speed the pace of operations for increased productivity and reduced operational costs.
  • Achieve a complete, 360 degree view of the customer with a single version of the truth.
  • Improve customer service levels, expand customer service offerings and increase the value of client interaction with self-service capabilities.

ECM solutions promote operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve service and foster collaboration between departments, agencies and the public. IBM ECM solutions help governments access and manage content regardless of how it was created and where it resides, streamline and automate their processes; and share information across agencies and with constituents.

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